Growing Pains

By Shalini Wickramatilake


My body has changed in recovery.

Not all bodies change in recovery, but some do. Mine has grown.

For me, now that I’m nourishing myself, honoring my body’s needs, and moving only as much as my body wants to, I’m no longer the size and shape that I was prior to starting intuitive eating and movement. I recognize that thin privilege is on a continuum, and that even as my body has grown, it’s been relatively easy for me to accept it because it’s still a body that’s deemed acceptable by society. I’ve been able to go with the flow, taking each new pound and inch in stride.

But then a couple weeks ago I needed something to wear to a wedding, and nothing fit. I had been protected from this situation for the first few months of my recovery because I’d just stuck with leggings and oversized shirts (yes, even to work. Woops).

As I tried on my favorite dresses, I realized that none of them were the right size for my new, healthy body. For several weeks until then, I had been in such a positive mindset and so motivated in my recovery, but as the zipper kept getting stuck on dress after dress after dress, I felt a pang of pain. For the first time in a while, I longed for my old behaviors, my old body. My sick body.

I let myself have a little meltdown. And then, instead of listening to that voice saying that I had “let myself go” and that I needed to use my eating disorder behaviors in order to get my sick body back, I fought back. I kept eating. I didn’t over-exercise. I stayed committed to my recovery. I remembered that a momentary sense of control won’t give me anything useful in the long run.

I reminded myself that my healthy body isn’t wrong. My sick body wasn’t the body that’s meant for me. My body is meant to be whatever size it is when I nourish it appropriately and move it intuitively.

It’s hard growing, changing. It hurts sometimes. And it’s so normal to long for what was.

But I am so much happier here. Eating, laughing, dancing, resting.

I’m so much happier living.


2 Replies to “Growing Pains”

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I’ve re-gained some weight recently. I knew I would once I started going through recovery, but now that it’s happening I’m not feeling very good about myself. This is not my first rodeo. I had a minor relapse last year and didn’t even lose that much weight, nor have I gained that much back. Still, it’s hard. :-\

    I’m glad you’re doing s much better now.


  2. It’s so hard! I remind myself that I won’t keep gaining weight forever; my body needed to find the weight that it’s meant to be, and now it’s just settled here. You’ve got this, Kiersten! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂


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